Commissioning Support Package


Yokogawa's CSP consists of two software packages, the PRM Commissioning Support Package (PRM CSP) and the Field Commissioning Support Package (F-CSP). With PRM CSP, loop checks can be performed automatically from a central control room across all field devices connected to the control network. By streamlining the loop checking process, project hours and human errors are reduced, which can lead to improved work quality. Also, interlock checking is typically time-consuming. PRM CSP enables setting of parameters on field devices to be automated, which can reduce the number of manual operations. Settings can also be quickly restored to their initial conditions. Furthermore, Yokogawa's CSP helps reduce plant start-up and construction periods. F-CSP enables the start-up work between N-IO nodes and field devices to be conducted without connecting Automation Design Suite (AD Suite), the engineering environment or controller of CENTUM VP/ProSafe-RS.

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